Winterland Gyoza ウィンターランド餃子 

Winterland Gyoza are made using local ingredients, like Nozawana, and regional specialties such as Aomori garlic, Tochigi leeks and Kochi ginger. The gyoza are made for Winterland Taproom by a family- owned gyoza maker in Utsunomiya—the gyoza capital of Japan—using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure the tastiest gyoza possible. Try them all or choose your favorite to pair with your preferred craft beer or cider, or grab a friend or two and take a spin on the “Gyoza Roulette” if you dare!

Winterland Taproom Hours: 7am – 11pm. Happy Hour 3-5pm and 9-10pm! Food last order at 9:45 pm, drinks last order at 10:45 pm. Open every day in peak season and closed Wednesdays February, March and April. Open every day during Golden Week.

Nozawana Gyoza 野沢菜餃子

Made with locally grown Nozawana and made with a balanced tangy flavor that has made it our most popular gyoza. You can't leave Nozawa without trying our Nozawana gyoza!

Kimchee Gyoza キムチ餃子

If you like a little spice with that pale ale or IPA, this is the gyoza for you. The famous Korean spice gives our kimchee gyoza a great flavor.

Gyoza Roulette 餃子 ルーレット

Feeling lucky? Try our gyoza roulette, one of these wasabi-laced gyoza will pack quite a punch. Be sure to have water or beer nearby!

Dessert Gyoza デザート餃子

Be sure to try our delicious, homemade deep fried banana
 and white chocolate gyoza.

Titan Gyoza タイタン 餃子

Our big, beautiful pork and vegetable house gyoza that we will put up against any gyoza in Japan. Juicy without being oily, our titan house gyoza is our best seller.

Shiso Gyoza しそ餃子

We love our shiso gyoza. The subtle, tasty Japanese herb is an Asian cousin of the mint leaf but has a much more subtle citrusy-basil taste that makes our shiso gyoza something special - understated with plenty of flavor.

Deep Fried Gyoza 揚げ餃子

Our deep fried house gyoza are crunchy on the outside and light and tasty on the inside.

Take Out Gyoza テイクアウト餃子

Our gyoza are just as tasty at home or in your apartment or hotel room in Nozawa Onsen (or eaten upstairs in the lodge!) just eat them hot. All Winterland Gyoza available for take out. Call ahead or message us via our FB page and they will be ready when you arrive, or come in order, and enjoy a craft beer, cider or coffee while you wait. Please call ahead for big orders during dinner service as we are usually quite busy!

Vegetarian Gyoza ベジタリアン餃子

They said it couldn't be done! Most gyoza restaurants' vegetarian or veggie gyoza is not actual vegetarion. We developed this 100% vegetarian gyoza so our non-meat eating friends don’t miss out on delicious gyoza! Our vegetarian gyoza still has the texture and taste to keep gyoza lovers and vegetarians happy.

Curry Gyoza カレー餃子

Curry lovers will enjoy the classic Japanese curry flavor in our curry gyoza.

Gyōza Set 餃子 セット

Don't feel like sharing: Have a plate of six gyōza (one type) with a bowl of local rice and savory miso soup all to yourself.