Winterland Taproom

Winterland’s twelve rotating taps serve up carefully selected craft beer and cider from the U.S. and Japan. We are passionate about good craft beer and cider, great gyoza and other izakaya-style treats with plenty of veggie options. Winterland is family-friendly and has a great kid’s space so parents can enjoy their dinner and the kids can have fun too. Come for the gyoza, stay for the craft beer and cider!

Winterland Taproom Hours: 7am – 11pm. Happy Hour 3-5pm and 10-11pm! Food last order at 9:45 pm, drinks last order at 10:45 pm. Open every day in peak season and closed Wednesdays February, March and April. Open every day during Golden Week.

On Tap

Craft beer, cider and seltzer

Craft Beer (Imported)

Selected imported craft beers from Oregon, California, Colorado and other fine breweries around the U.S.

Craft Beer (Domestic)

Japan is increasingly making some great Craft Beer and Winterland features selected beers from Shiga Kogen, Baird Beer, Brimmer Brewing, Devil Craft and many other breweries around Japan.

Craft Cider

Enjoy the largest selection of imported craft ciders in Nozawa Onsen.

Craft Seltzer

Winterland also carries a selection of refreshing craft seltzers.


We won't leave out the wine lovers, enjoy a selection of house reds and whites by the glass or bottle.

Spirits and Cocktails

Enjoy a selection of basics and cocktails and craft spirits. See our cocktail list for details.


Japanese pub grub

Winterland Kara-age から揚げ

Winterland's fried chicken pairs nicely with your favorite craft beer. Ask for a side of our southern spicy bbq sauce if you'd like a little kick.

Okinawan Taco Rice タコライス

Our ode to our Okinawa friends. This local favorite features seasoned ground beef, shredded cheese and lettuce with a tomato salsa served over local rice.

Agedashi Tofu 揚げ出し豆腐

Deep fried tofu dipped in dashi sauce with grated daikon (Japanese radish) and ginger.

Mabo Don マーボー丼

One of our favorites, served with chili jam

Edamame 枝豆

Salted Japanese soy beans, the healthy beer snack.

Steamed Rice ライス

Local Nozawa Onsen rice.

Miso Soup 味噌汁

Warm up with this Japanese favorite.


Comfort food to soothe your soul

Barbecue Chicken Wrap バーベキューチキンラップ

A flour tortilla filled with chicken, veggies and Chuck's Louisiana BBQ sauce served with shoestring fries.

Salt & Pepper Squid 塩コショウで美味しいイカフライ

This Winterland favorite features lightly battered squid tossed in salt and pepper and servicedwith chili jam.

Kara-age Salad から揚げサラダ

Fresh leaf salad with Winterland Kara-age Fresh leaf salad with tofu and goma or wafu dressing.

Tofu Salad 豆腐サラダ

Fresh leaf salad with tofu and goma or wafu dressing

Winterland Green Salad グリーンサラダ

Sliced apple, shaved cabbage, lettuce, spring onions and tomatoes ,with olive oil and goma dressing.

Shoestring Fries フライドポテト

Bowl of fries with chipotle aioli, bbq or ketchup.

Kids Menu

Just for the kids! Be sure to check out the Kid's Space!

Kids Gyoza Set お子様餃子セット

4 gyoza (one kind) of your choice with rice and miso soup.

Kids Taco Rice キッズ タコライス

Kid's version of the Okinawan favorite, minced meat and cheese over a bowl of local rice.

Spaghetti Bolognese スパゲティボロネーズ

Savory meat sauce with parmesan cheese.

Kids Karaage Set キッズから揚げセット

Karaage chicken, steamed rice, edamame, mayonnaise


Because you deserve it

Deep Fried Banana Gyoza バナナ揚げ餃 子

Banana and white chocolate filled gyoza with a caramel sauce.

Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream アイスクリ ーム

Premium ice cream made right here in Nagano. Shinshu Sweet Cream, Cookies and Cream, Miso Butterscotch and The Dude (adults only). | クッキー&クリーム、味噌バタースコッ チ、ザ・デュード (大人のみ)